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Anadigm® Consultant Program

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Become A Design Consultant
Field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs), the analog equivalent to the FPGA, are the wave of the future for embedded systems with real-world interfaces. Anadigm® invites you to take a leading role in this design revolution by enrolling in our AnadigmPro® Design Consultants program and becoming a resource we can recommend to customers when the need for outside design resources arises. There are many benefits to you for joining this program

  • You can design a complex analog circuit and move straight to silicon, reducing your time and cost of development
  • You can control complex analog functions directly in C-code
  • You can use dynamic analog re-configurability can add features, differentiate, and reduce component count in the end products you design
  • You can earn a 1% commission on each Anadigm® FPAA device your customers purchase to implement your designs
  • You can use programmable analog know-how can increase your skills and client base
Applying to become an AnadigmPro Design Consultant is easy. The process includes the following steps
  1. Fill out the AnadigmPro Program Application Form online
  2. Have telephone interview to discuss qualifications
  3. Complete the AnadigmPro Consultant Information Sheet
  4. Review and sign AnadigmPro Consultant Agreement

Take the first steps towards becoming an Anadigm® Consultant today.

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