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The Anadigm Product Range

Anadigm offers a full range of 5v and 3.3v dpASP’s (dynamically programmed Analog Signal Processors) and development systems. The development kit is ideal for development and prototyping in conjunction with AnadigmDesigner2 software. AnadigmDesigner2 software has an intuitive “drag and drop” user interface, built-in signal generator/oscilloscope, built-in accurate discrete-time behavioral simulator, and extensive help documentation.

Anadigm also offers 5v and 3.3v statically reconfigurable FPAA’s (Field Programmable Analog Array’s) that shares the same input/output structure as the dpASP’s and require a reset before loading a new configuration bitstream.

All of Anadigm’s devices are RoHS compliant. View RoHS Letter

In addition Anadigm has developed Application specific chipset which take maximum advantage of features within the core dpASP technology.

SonicMaster is a family of application level chipsets for subwoofer and low frequency speaker modules, solutions for quickly upgrading existing subwoofer plate amplifier designs with an enhanced feature set that allows for state- of-the art subwoofers with minimal cost and negligible product development effort. Anadigm's audio dpASP and controller chipsets make it simple to add AutoEQ, or just open-loop equalization and band-pass filtering and limiter projection to an active subwoofer design. PC control of subwoofer feature and/or embedded self contain auto set-up are offered.

AnadigmFilter1 is the newest member to of the Anadigm product family that includes a dpASP( dynamically programmed Analog Signal Processor) and state machine that is intended to provide the designer a generic filter that provides four 2nd order filters that are each fully programmable in terms of filter type (lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop) and corner frequency (DC to 1MHz). In addition the corner frequency can be dynamically adjusted on the fly, using a simple SPI interface with no interruption to the analog signals. There is much more regarding our newest member and to learn more read the product brief and datasheet under AnadigmFilter1.

Anadigm also offers the RangeMaster family of dpASP (dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processor) and state machine evaluation kits and chipsets designed to enable system designers to develop a universal RFID tag reader that can support multiple protocols and frequencies for Universal Fixed Readers, Portable/Handheld Readers, Combination Bar Code and RFID reader/Scanners. By allowing standardization around a single printed circuit board to support multiple end products and markets, RangeMaster simplifies and improves product development allowing RFID reader designers to greatly reduce their time to market, and offer a lower total cost of ownership.

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