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AnadigmAssistant™ Tools

AnadigmAssistant tools automate the construction of complex analog functions involving multiple Configurable Analog Modules (CAMs) in AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA software. Abstracting the design process up to the application level, these intelligent synthesis tools embody design knowledge of high-level functions and automate the design process using CAMs as building blocks.

AnadigmFilter® Filter Synthesis Tool

Interactive filter synthesis with automatic circuit implementation

  • Design complex, high order filters in minutes
  • Repeatable filter designs
  • Available filter types include low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop
  • Available filter approximations include Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Inverse Chebyshev, Elliptic

Building filters used to be a tedious manual process. Now it's easy and automatic with our AnadigmFilter™ filter synthesis tool.

Learn more about AnadigmFilter™

AnadigmPID PID Control Loop Tool

  • Fully automates the development of analog "proportional, integral, derivative" (PID) control loops
  • Reduces to minutes the time required to design and implement one of the most common types of control circuits in industrial, medical, and communication systems
  • Simplifies PID control loop design for motor control, tunable lasers, level and flow control in chemical processes, temperature control, and many other applications

Simply specify the top-level control coefficients, and AnadigmPID builds your control loop circuit using the Configurable Analog Modules (CAMs) in our AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA software.

Learn more about AnadigmPID


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