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Anadigm 3.3volt Development Kit, New version for Q4 2015

The Anadigm 3.3volt development kit will help you get started quickly, developing and testing your analog designs using our AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA software and our Integrated circuits, dpASP or FPAAs.
3.3volt Development Kit
At the heart of the development kit is a board that provides a simple mechanism for prototyping, evaluating, debugging, and initial testing of your circuit.

Development board features include all of the following:

  • AN231E04 dpASP with header pins
  • Optional Rauch filter to level shift and prepare input signal, includes single-ended to differential conversion whare needded.
  • Serial (USB) interface that allows ”plug and play” connectivity using a standard serial cable between the development board and a PC running AnadigmDesigner®2 software
  • SPI (or host processor) interface, allowing you to interface the dpASP directly to your own digital board
  • Large breadboard area for building your own specific interface circuitry PCB is pre-built with provision the addition resistor and capacitor which can for a Rauch filter at the input or output.
  • Daisy chain capability – allowing multiple boards to be connected to evaluate multi-chip systems
  • On-board 16-MHz or 40MHz clock source for FPAA Analog clock input
  • Ideally suited to the development of embedded system, the board contains a 32bit 80Mhz (3rd Paty) microcontroller, 5 pin access to reprogam this uC, the board is prepared and wired for a standard 16x2 LCD (Not supplied)

The development board is supplied with one AN231E04 FPAA's, you can use the board with AnadigmDesigner®2 software Version or later to implement designs for any dpASP or FPAA in the 3.3volt family.

The Anadigm SINGLEAPEX 3.3volt Development Kit includes a development board PCB, USB cable, documentation and a CD with AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA software, including automatic C-code generation capabilities and the ability to configure the dpASP and FPAA’s via a host processor.( An example of this can be seen In Anadigm AppNote AN231015-U315)

Anadigm QuadApex 3.3 volt development kit has a RRP of just $199.00.

Part Number AN231K04-SING1
Buy the Anadigm 3.3volt Development System

Learn more about the 2015 3.3v AnadigmApex development system:
Download 3.3v AnadigmApex Development Board User Manual

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