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AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA Software

Second-generation AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA software lets you design and implement dynamically reconfigurable analog circuits within a matter of minutes. Build your circuit by dragging and dropping Configurable Analog Modules (CAMs), each of which can be used to implement a range of analog functions for which you set the parameters. AnadigmAssistant tools included with AnadigmDesigner®2 take the design process to an even higher level of abstraction, fully automating the construction of common filter types and "proportional, integral, derivative" controller circuits.

AnadigmDesigner®2 includes a time domain functional simulator which provides a convenient way to assess your circuit's behavior without the need for a lab set-up. The simulator's user interface is intuitive and easily learned.Most of the steps are the same that you would take while bench testing. Whether or not you're an analog expert, you can build a complete analog system rapidly, simulate it immediately, and then just point and click to download it to FPAA chip for testing and validation.

Dynamic Reconfigurability: AnadigmDesigner®2 is the world's first EDA product that lets you develop designs using FPAAs that can be reconfigured by the MCU in real-time to change the function they perform within a system or to adapt on-the-fly to maintain precision despite system degradation and aging. AnadigmDesigner®2 takes your design and automatically translates it into C-code that allows the design to be adjusted and controlled by a microprocessor within an embedded system. That means you can now control and adjust analog functions using system software in real time-a breakthrough capability for the analog world.

Get a free copy of AnadigmDesigner®2:

Learn more about the power of FPAAs Application Demo Downloads
Once you've received your Anadigm® evaluation kit, use the following demo circuits to examples of what AnadigmDesigner®2 can do for you. For each demo, we've created a presentation with set-up instructions that you can view now. More application demos are now under development.

Tone Generator Demonstration
Shows how easy it is to build and modify complex circuits using Anadigmvortex.

Dynamic Filter Demonstration
Highlights the dynamic configuration capabilities of Anadigms technology. Build a GUI that allows easy, graphical, dynamic circuit updates. The latest version of this demo for the AN231E04 Device is included in the App Note Library section of the website, or from the links below
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