complete analog base-band filter/signal processor allowing you to design and develop a universal RFID tag reader

dpASP chipset simplifies analog design of subwoofer signal conditioning introducing pre-built Analog AutoEQ

Programmable Analog Filter, d.c. to 600KHz. You choose filter type, approximation, corner frequency and gain using a DIP switch or logic input pins levels

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Take control of your analog design using the power and flexibility of Anadigm's® unique and simple design methodology...dpASP or FPAA

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. Anadigm, 5 volt FPAA devices in a new smaller pin for pin compatible package, Products effected AN221E04, AN220E04, AN121E04 and AN120E04
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AnadigmFilter1, Universal Analog Programmable Low frequency filter, Includes support for Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev, Inverse Chebyshef. FIlter topologies included are LP, HP, BP, BS. Up to 6th order with a 2 input mixer and gain stage
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RFID reader design
dpASP (dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processor)
improves receive channel baseband filtering performance
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May 2014
Anadigm Announces the End of Life and last time buy plan for all 5v FPAA's (AN221E04, AN220E04, AN121E04 and AN120E04). Customer requirement needed before 31May2014, forcasted product requirments will be Scheduled for deliveies through 2016.

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